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1970s TV Series "Thrill Seekers" with Chuck Connors

ThrillSeekers1For those who can remember the 1970s TV Series "Thrill Seekers" with Chuck Connors here is a chance to go down memory lane. In the introduction (45s in) "... men [it was the 70s] who can't wait to meet danger, they chase it, challange it, and lick it. For the next half hour the Thrill Seekers".

Click Here or the image to view the video


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Add a Restaurant Review using Facebook

restaurant reviewYou can add a quick restaurant review using Facebook. Go to the Gourmet Thrill Seekers Facebook Page.

Click on the tab under the cover image "Add A Restaurant Review"

Complete and submit the short form without leaving Facebook.

We will load the review onto the Gourmet Thrill Seekers website and onto Facebook.

You can have your name withheld if you wish.

If you leave you email we can let you know when you review has been published.

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Foodies in a Rush - Quick Add Restaurant or Review Form to Gourmet Thrill Seekers Website

QuickaddRestIn a rush, don't have time to login and submit a detailed review but want to share you favorite gourmet adventure or other experience? Use the Quick Add Form. No login required, just your name, email address (which we don't share) and an easy security question. The just fill in:

  1. the restaurant name;
  2. address - the town or suburb will be sufficient;
  3. the type of gourmet adventure eg. fine dining, bistro, pub or tour;
  4. type of cuisine;
  5. Your rating from 1 to 10;
  6. any other comments; and
  7. whether you consent to your name being shown as the reviewer.

That's it. We will do the rest. We will let you know when your review or suggested restaurant has been added.

Click here bit.ly/1CGjWyP or the image to access the form

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How to Submit Blog Posts & Comments

  • Before you can submit a review or comment either in the directory or the blog you must register and login.
  • When you register you will be sent a confirmation email. Follow the instructions and when you are registered, login.
  • If you are already registered you will need to login to submit a post or comment.
  • Your comment or review will not appear immediately. It will be subject to review and approval. As long as the post or comment is within the guidelines set out in our terms and conditions there shoould not be a problem. See Terms & Conditions.
  • You have the options of submitting a full post or a Quick Post.  With the Quick Post you do not have to worry about formatting - just content. We will adjust any formatting required.
  • You can access the Quick Post in the drop down menu under Blog - Reviews & News or using the Blog Toolbar you will see when you login. See part of the Toolbar below.



  • The following videos should explain the mechanics od submitting a post including the editor. (note some of the videos deal with previous versions of Easyblog and therefore they may look different):
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG_hP4t5o5A




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Tips for Rating & Writing Restaurant Reviews

bucketlistWe are a little different from other restaurant review sites. Our focus is on the stimulating memorable experience.  This can be outstanding service, unusual cusines, presentation or the experience associated with the venue. A top rating experience is one you would recommend to someone to add to their bucket list of life (the 1,000 things I must experiece before I die).



And if you are really keen there is Graduate Certificate in Food Writing - The University of Adelaide

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