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Cafe Svensson

Cafe Svennson is a community run cafe that's only open for food once a week on a Wednesday which makes attending it a little bit more special. It's run by the local church and its volunteers.

As I walked into the cafe I had to look around twice because it's like walking into someone's kitchen. Everything in the dining area and kitchen looks really like a persons house, I mean this in the best way. It's absolutely very homely and welcoming. I walked up to the counter and was told today they were serving meat loaf as the main. It's a new dish each week.

The meal was served and the portion was incredibly generous . The meat loaf was accompanied by potatoes and coleslaw as a dip. The coleslaw was a combination of red cabbage, carrots combined with lemon quite and sour cream. It was incredibly tasty and a good side to use as dip for both the potatoes and meat loaf. The whole meal really reminded me of a nice home cooked meal you would be happy with if mom or dad cooked for you.

I decided to order a little dessert just cause they looked so good . After chatting with the swedes on the counter they recommended for me to try the cinnamon bun as it was very much an authentic Swedish pastry. I complied and had it with a cup of tea. It was really really good and I enjoyed every bite.

This place also sells some Swedish candies and Swedish foods for those who are familiar with some of the famous treats. I decide to grab a Daim bar for later

This is a great spot for someone who wants to explore what Sweden has on offer or if your after a more relaxed home cooked meal in the city.

Really enjoyed and will return for sure . (Yelp)

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Contact Information:
96 Goulburn St Sydney New South Wales
(02) 9266 0236
Price (For two persons):
AUD 50
Our working ours:
  • Wednesday .................................................. 18:00 - 21:30
Meal Served:
  • Dinner
  • BYO Only
  • Vegetarian Option
Payment Accepted:
  • Cash
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