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How to add and edit your restaurant and menu items for your restaurant

  1. Click on ADD A RESTAURANT
  2. Choose a subscription plan. Initial Restauranteurs receive a free life time membership.
  3. Click on SIGNUP
  4. You can then register or login if already registered.
  5. Complete subscription information and click process subscription.
  6. If a payment is required you will be taken to a Paypal payment gateway. You do not need to have a Paypal account. You can use a credit card.
  7. When the process is complete you shoold see an extra tab / menu item in the drop down menu under under Restauramteur - "ADD A RESTAURANT FORM"
  8. Complte the form. Click SAVE during the process to ensure data is not lost. 
  9. When complete click SAVE & CLOSE
  10. You can also edit your Restaurant Entry
  12. The directory will appear. Search for your restaurant. You can only edit those Restaurants you have added.
  13. If we have added you restaurant or venue still subscribe in order to be registered as a Restauranteur. Use the CONTACT US form to notify us you wish to be added as the author of your restaurant. Please provide details of your authority to edit the entry for your restaurant. We will advise you when you have been added as an author of your restaurant so you can edit the entry.
  14. If you prefer you can send us the details you want amended. Contact us and wee will provide you with the mechanism to provide us with the amendments and upload any material.
  15. You can also add a new entry for youor rrestaurant. Let us know and we will unpublish the original entry.
  16. In all cases your entry will not appear immediately. Your entry will be subject to review and we may also check your authority to make an entry on behalf of that restaurant.
  17. We will advise you when your rstaurant entry has been published in the directory.


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