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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  1. If you haven't already you must resitser as a subscriber - see Register;
  2. You activate your registration by clicking on the email confirmation you receive.
  3. You  then login
  4. You can add a review and rating to an establishment listed in the directory;
  5. You can also add a review a rating about a particular menu item of an establishment listed in the directory;
  6. You can review a restuarant not listed in the directory by submitting a post in the blog or you can comment on someone else's post.
  7. All posts, reviews and comments are subject to moderation to ensure they comply with the blog rules. 

Yes you can submit a post about an establishment in the blog

You can use categories to help clasify and find the establishment.

You can also tell us about individual meals.


The directory is focussed on providing detailed information about an establishment.

A post to the blog provides flexibility in letting you express your ideas.

The blog posts give you the opportunity share your experience about an establishment not listed in the directory. 

We use blog posts about unlisted establishments to find new restaurants to add to the directory.

There must be a special, medmorable experience associated with the restaurant. This can include:

  1. exceptional service;
  2. exceptional quality of food which may include presentation;
  3. wonderous views or something special about the venue;
  4. exotic or unsual meals or ingredients;
  5. a venue on your bucket list.

We primarily rely upon input from our community of subscribers. Thus the flexibility of the blog post option.

Requiring restaurateurs to pay a fee to enter information on the directory helps obtain some committment and responsibility for the accuracy of the information being provided.

We accept submissions from around the world and about establishments around the world. As we are based in Sydney, Australia there is a tendency in the early days to have a wighting towards Australia and New Zealand.

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